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Ascolane Olives

Ascolane Olives are grown on the olive tree called the "Ascolana Tenera", which is native to the Marche area of Italy.

The olives are very large, with an oil content of 16 to 18%. When pressed for oil, they produce a light oil. They are also used for green or black table olives. When used for green olives, they are harvested when the flesh is a pale green to yellow colour. After curing in brine, they are meaty and soft with a very mildly tart flavour.

In addition to the Marche area, they are grown as well as in the country of Jordan.

These olives are ideal for the local specialty of stuffed, fried olives called "Oliva all'Ascolana." Both the brined olives, and those stuffed ones, received PGI status 14 November 2005 (European Commission Regulation No 1855/2005) as "Oliva Ascolana del Piceno."

History Notes

Originated near the city of Ascoli Piceno, after which they are named.

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Also called:

Marche Olives; Ascolana tenera, Olive Ascolane, Olive Marchigiane (Italian); Ascolana, Picenae (Roman)


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