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Buffalo Currants

Buffalo Currants are small berries, pea-sized though occasionally larger, with glossy, brownish-purple skin.

The bushes they grow on will be bush 4 to 6 feet (1.2 to 1.8 metres) tall, spreading out 2 to 3 feet (about a metre.)

The weeping branches bend almost all the way to the ground with small, greyish-green leaves that turn yellowish-orange in the fall.

The bushes are self-fertile. They produce many fragrant yellow flowers with a smell reminiscent of cloves.

The weeping branches make fruit hard to spot inside the bush.

The ripe berries can be left on the bush for up to 2 months.

Cooking Tips

The berries can be eaten raw or cooked, but because their flavour is quite bland, people often mix them with other kinds of berries to improve the flavour.

They can be used for jams, jellies, juice, syrups, wine, etc.

History Notes

Native to North American prairies. The fruit appears to have first been identified for classification in Iowa in the 1890s.


Açaí Berries; Akala Berries; Aronia Berries; Baba Berries; Barberries; Berries; Bilberries; Black Currants; Black Gooseberries; Blueberries; Buffalo Currants; Bumbleberries; Cape Gooseberries; Cloudberries; Cranberries; Devil Spits Day; Egton Bridge Gooseberry Show; Elderberries; Garden Huckleberries; Gooseberries; Haw Flakes; Hawthorne Berries; Huckleberry; Hudson Bay Currants; Jostaberries; Lingonberries; Mulberries; Otaheite Gooseberry; Raspberries; Red Currants; Saskatoon Berries; Sea Buckthorn; Serendipity Berries; Strawberries; Sunberries; Tayberries; Thimbleberries; Ugni; Waimate Berries; White Currants; Wineberries; Wonderberries; Worcesterberries

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Also called:

Crandal Berries; Ribes aureum (Scientific Name)


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