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Butterfly Cakes

Butterfly Cakes are small versions of cupcakes made in muffin tins with smaller cups, and smaller lining papers.

They are made from the same kinds of batters that you would make regular cakes: plain, for instance, is usually plain white sponge.

You bake your small cupcakes and, after they have cooled, remove any paper casing you cooked them in. You slice off the top third of the cupcake, and set aside.

On top of the rest of the cupcake, make a mound of whipped cream with some jam. Then take the set-aside top slice, and cut it in half. Stick each half vertically back on top into the whipped cream, in such a way that they look like wings. There is no icing used on the sides or top of the rest of the cupcake,

Other techniques and variations include:
using a spoon to neatly cut out a round in the top which will be filled, then cutting the spooned out piece in half and stick it on as wings;
using buttercream frosting instead of whipped cream and jam;
icing the wings;
dusting with icing sugar.

Butterfly Cakes tend to dry out the next day, so are really best eaten on the day they are made. They are popular in the UK.


Baking Cups; Butterfly Cakes; Cupcakes; Fairy Cakes; Gem Cakes (Australia); Gem Cakes (New Zealand); Muffin Tins; Muffins

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