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Dry Sauté

Dry Sautéing is frying with little or no added fat.

Some describe the technique as frying with only the fat that melts out of the meat being cooked, with no added fat.

Mushrooms are an easy vegetable to dry fry, as they sweat easily and release a great deal of moisture.

Dry Sautéing is best done in either a non-stick pan, or a very well-seasoned pan.

In Chinese cooking, it is called "dry frying." It is done in a very hot wok, with very little oil. If sticking does occur in the work, you can add a few drops of wine or broth.

Dry Sautéing can be done to toast croutons or pine nuts

If you are dry frying ground beef, have the heat a little slower. Regular heat might dry the meat out.

Dry Sautéing can be a way of blackening skins on chile peppers.


Deep-Fry; Deglazing; Dry Sauté; Frying Oil; Frying Pans; Fry; Pressure Frying; Sauté Pans; Sauté; Steam Frying; Stir-fry

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