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A Ficelle is a long, cylinder-shaped French bread.

A Ficelle has crispy brown, split-top crust, and a chewy interior with air-pockets.

It is identical to a baguette, including the production method and the scoring on the top, except it is made much more thinly.

Generally, a Ficelle will be the same length as a baguette, but some bakers may make them shorter, as well. In weight, it should be the same as a demi-baguette, around 125g to 140g.

Ficelles are almost always plain, but some bakeries may sprinkle salt, poppy and sesame seed on them before baking, to make it into a snack bread.

Ingredients: Generally, per 1 kg of wheat flour, 600g of water, 20g of salt and 20g of yeast.

Cooking Tips

A Ficelle can be used to make small, elegant sandwiches for two people (one if you are talking about a man with a healthy appetite.)


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