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Grimbister Cheese

Grimbister is a soft, crumbly cheese, somewhat like Wensleydale.

It is a farmhouse cheese, made using unpasteurized milk. No rennet is used to curdle the milk.

As Grimbister Cheese ages, it develops a slightly fruit taste. Flavours available (as of 2005) include: Plain, Apricot, Caraway, Chive, Cranberry, Garlic, Ginger, Pineapple, Smoked, Walnut, and Whisky.

It is sold in vacuum-packed portions of 6 oz (175 g), 12 oz (350 g), 25 oz (700 g), and 6 1/2 pounds (3 kg.)

Grimbister Cheese is made in Kirkwal, Orkney, Scotland by Eddie and Hilda Seator using milk from their own cows.

History Notes

In January 2005, the executive chef of the Savoy Hotel in London, George Fuchs, ordered a 27 kg block of Grimbister's Whisky Cheese to serve at the hotel on Robbie Burns night.

Language Notes

Grimbister is the name of Eddie and Hilda Seator's farm.

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