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Koreke Quail

Koreke Quail is an extinct quail. It was indigenous to New Zealand until after British settlement.

Koreke Quail had mottled brown plumage. They were hunted to extinction because they were considered very good eating and very good hunting sport. At the same time, the grasslands where they lived were burnt.

They were abundant in 1848, but extinct by 1875.

California quail were introduced to the islands to replace them in the 1860s and 1870s; these quail prospered.


African Blue Quail; Blue Scale Quail; Bobwhite Quail; California Quail; Chinese Painted Quail; Gambel's Quail; Harlequin Quail; Japanese Quail; Koreke Quail; Mearns Quail; Mountain Quail; Quail Eggs; Quails à la Diane; Quail

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Also called:

Coturnix novaezelandiae (Scientific Name)


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