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Orange Oil

Orange Oil

Orange Oil
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Orange Oil is made from orange peel after oranges have been juiced.

It is soluble in water, and has a concentrated orange smell and taste.

There are two kinds. The bitter one, with a light yellowish hue, is called Oil of Bigarade. The sweet one is called Oil of Portugal.

Orange peel has two layers -- the inner white one called the pith (aka "albedo"), and the actual orange zest layer, called the "flavedo." It's in the zest that the oil is contained.

The oil can't be extracted via methods involving heat, as that changes the taste to a harsh one. It must be cold-pressed.

The oil is pressed out of the peel, then spun centrifugally to filter it. 10 pounds (4 1/ kg) of Orange Oil can be made from 1,000 pounds (453 kg) of fresh oranges.

Orange Oil is expensive, but you use very small amounts at a time in baking, in marinades, and to enhance orange juice.

Some prefer Orange Oil to flavouring extracts.

Some people say not to use plastic measuring spoons with Orange Oil, as it may degrade plastic, but then, Orange Oil is often sold in plastic bottles, which seems to refute this argument.

Some say that the concentrated orange taste of Orange OIl saves having to run out to buy fresh oranges, that you might only use the zest of for a recipe and then let the rest of it deteriorate in the fridge.

Cooking Tips

Use Orange Oil sparingly in any recipe calling for orange zest.


For 1 tablespoon of orange zest or grated orange rind, you can use instead 1/2 teaspoon orange oil, or vice versa.


Don't confuse food grade Orange Oil with aroma-therapy grade.

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Also called:

Huile d'orange (French); Esencia de naranja (Spanish); Oleo de laranja (Portuguese)


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