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Pique Criollo

Pique Criollo is a hot Puerto Rican condiment sauce based on vinegar and hot peppers. The ingredients are not blended but rather just allowed to macerate. It is used in small amounts as Puerto Rican cooking is not hot.

There a thousand versions of Pique Criollo, because everyone has his or her own recipe.

The peppers used can be something like caballero or habanero. They need to be small enough so that they will fit whole into the bottle you are using, because if you crush the peppers or chop them up, the sauce will be exceedingly hot.

Pique Criollo is easy to make. Put in a bottle some hot peppers, whole garlic cloves, vinegar, olive oil, and herbs (such as oregano.) Additional ingredients might include pineapple pieces, onion, and garlic. Put the cap on the bottle and shake. Then put the cap on loosely or punch holes in the cap. Let stand a day or more in sun (ideally about five days) then refrigerate. The longer it stands in the sun, the hotter it gets.

One variation is based on pineapple. Put in a bottle red chiles, cloves of garlic, peppercorns, oregano and salt, then pour a liquid mixture of white vinegar and pineapple juice in equal portions (or use pineapple vinegar) over it to cover the items and fill the bottle. Cover bottled, let stand five days, and then refrigerate after that.

Green versions are called "Pique verde boricua." They add ingredients such as minced cilantro and bay leaves. The peppers may be red or green ones.


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Also called:

Pique boricua; Puerto Rican Tabasco


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