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Pique Seasoning

Pique Seasoning is an extinct, American commercially-made liquid condiment for cooking. It is no longer being made or sold.

It was made from vegetable protein derivatives, water, salt, yeast, vegetable extract, spices and vegetable fat.

Though meat free, its purpose was to give dishes more of a meaty taste. Diluted, it could be used in place of a meat stock.

It was concentrated, so you used it sparingly.

The height of its popularity seems to have been the 1940s.


Kitchen Bouquet

Literature & Lore

"Pick meat from bones of turkey, scraping away as much stuffing as possible; disjoint the carcass and barely cover with cold water mixed with one-fourth cup of pique seasoning for every pint of water."

-- From Curry of Turkey with Wild Rice Tasty Dish. Syracuse, New York: Syracuse Herald. Friday, 9 January 1948. Page 5.


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