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Plain Flour

Plain Flour

Plain Flour
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Plain Flour is a soft, white, wheat flour which has had most of the wheatgerm and bran removed.

You can use it for most things that you would use flour for, including baking and thickening, except that you can't use it for bread or any baked goods where a "harder" flour is required.

Plain flour is available and used in the UK. The American equivalent is all-purpose flour, which also can't be used for bread. The Canadian equivalent is also all-purpose flour, except Canadian all-purpose can be used for bread.

Cooking Tips

To convert plain flour into bread flour, add 1 tablespoon of gluten flour per cup (5 oz / 140g) of plain flour.


All-purpose flour (Canadian or American)

Wheat Flour

All-Purpose Flour; Baker's Flour; Bread Flour; Bromated Flour; Cake Flour; Chapati Flour; Durum Flour; Farina; Farine de Froment; Gluten Flour; Graham Flour; Instant Flour; Matzo Meal; Pastry Flour; Plain Flour; Self-Rising Cake Flour; Self-Rising Flour; Semolina; Sooji; Sprouted Wheat Flour; Stone-Ground Whole Wheat Flour; Wheat Flour; Whole Durum Flour; Whole Wheat Flour

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