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Rescue Applecrabs

Rescue Applecrabs grow to be 1.5 inches (3 to 4 cm) wide.

They have pale greenish-yellow skin almost entirely covered with flushes of bright red when ripe.

Inside, they have yellowish-white, soft but crisp flesh. The flesh becomes soft when picked fully ripe, so the apple is best picked when slightly underripe, while the skin is still a pale red.

The taste is very sweet.

The tree is a good bearer. In the spring, it blossoms with many white blooms, making it very ornamental.

The fruit ripens mid to late August in the Canadian praries.

Cooking Tips

For fresh-eating, canning, juice, jelly.

Very good juice -- some think the juice doesn't need any sugar.

Storage Hints

Rescue Applecrabs don't store well -- 3 weeks tops otherwise they go mealy in storage.

History Notes

Rescue Applecrabs were developed from a seedling from Blushed Calville Yellow apples at the Scott Experimental Station by Agriculture Canada.

Released 1933.

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