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Rolled Bacon

Rolled Bacon is a generic term for bacon that has been rolled up into a roll.

The meat will of course be boneless, which enables it to be rolled.

In Ireland and Scotland, it is rolled so that a slice from it will have both streaky and back meat. In Scotland, it is called Ayrshire Bacon (or Ayrshire Middle Bacon.)

In Italy, a version of pancetta is a rolled bacon.

The Polish bacon called "Boczek" is a rolled bacon.


Ayrshire Middle Bacon; Bacon and Cheese Clafoutis Recipe; Bacon Bits; Bacon Drippings; Bacon Press; Bacon; Canadian Bacon; Cottage Bacon; Guanciale; Gypsy Bacon; Irish Bacon; Lance Corporal Bacon; Pancetta; Rashers; Rolled Bacon; Turkey Bacon; Ulster Roll

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Also called:

Lard roulé (French); Gerollter Bauchspeck (German); Tocino enrollado (Spanish)


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