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Shit on a Shingle Recipe

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Shit on a Shingle Recipe

Shit on a Shingle Recipe
© Randal Oulton

Shit on a Shingle made with creamed, chipped beef is a classic American military dish.

This recipe makes enough for one person for lunch or a light supper; you can easily multiply this recipe as needed.

We've tried to make it just a bit healthier than normal by lightening up the white sauce.

Number of servings: 1

Estimated Prep Time: 10 minutes

Estimated Cooking Time: 5 minutes



Chop up the chipped beef roughly, set aside.

Melt the butter in a small saucepan over medium heat along with a few dashes of ground pepper (optional: a dash of ground nutmeg, a pinch of onion powder or a tablespoon of minced onion, a few dashes of Worcestershire sauce, a squirt of mustard.) Don't let the butter brown. As soon as it's just all melted, add the flour, and whisk it in. Let cook for a minute, then whisk in half the milk. As soon as it's absorbed, whisk in the remainder of the milk, then stir in the chipped beef, and set the heat to low.

Pop the bread in the toaster. When it's toasted, arrange the two slices of toast and spoon the beef mixture on top of both.

Serve piping hot.

If you're serving for lunch or dinner, add some side veg for a complete meal.


You can use white or brown bread.

If you aren't counting calories, regular milk is fine -- we just tried to make the dish a bit lower in calories. 1/3 cup is about 3 oz or 75 ml. Feel free to use a bit more to make the sauce runnier if you like.

Feel free to adjust and play with seasoning; most people seem to feel it's salty enough from the beef without adding more salt.

Nutrition Notes

7 Weight Watchers PointsPlus® a serving for 2 pieces of toast with the sauce on it.

We used bread that was 2 points for 2 slices, and chipped beef that was 2 points for 55 g. The white sauce with skim milk is 3 points, making a total of 7 points. (Tip! A packet of Coleman's white sauce made up with water instead of milk, then nuked for 2 to 3 minutes, tastes the same, and is only 2 points for 1 1 /4 cups / 300 ml).

Weight Watchers® Info
Per 2 slices with topping

* PointsPlus™ calculated by CooksInfo.com. Not endorsed by Weight Watchers® International, Inc, which is the owner of the PointsPlus® registered trademark.

The story behind this recipe...

  • Shit on a Shingle
    Shit on a Shingle (SOS) is an (unofficial) US military food term. It generally implies some kind of meat in a sauce, served over toast (the toast being the shingle), often served as a breakfast dish.
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