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Zampone is a dish prepared from a pig's leg.

It consists of the lower part of a pig's leg (called a "zampino" in Italian) with the foot still on.

It is stuffed with finely-ground, seasoned sausage meat, and simmered for a long time.

After cooking, it is let cool to room temperature, then sliced and served with lentils.

Some versions are made without the leg altogether. They are just a 4 to 5 inch (10 to 12 1/2 cm) wide sausage, formed in a cylinder shape and wrapped in pig rind.

If you are looking for the unstuffed version (just plain pigs legs / trotters) of Zampone, see Zampino.

Literature & Lore

Traditional in many northern regions of Italy for New Year's Day.

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Also called:

Jambe de porc farcie (French)


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