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Almond Flour

Blanched Almonds that are very finely ground.

To make, grind a handful of almonds at a time in a blender or food processor.


1 cup = 3 1/2 oz = 100g

Storage Hints

Because the nuts are ground so finely, they won't store for long at room temperature or even refrigerated before going rancid, so it's best to freeze it.


Almond Butter; Almond Day; Almond Extract; Almond Flour; Almond Milk; Almond Oil; Almond Paste; Almond Syrup; Almonds; Amaretto; Blanched Almonds; Crème d'amandes; Green Almonds; Ground Almonds; Marcona Almonds; Marzipan; Pralines; Sliced Almonds; Slivered Almonds

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Also called:

Farine d'amande (French); Mandelpulver (German); Harina de almendra (Spanish)


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