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Apple Pie Spice

Apple spice is a mix of spices in the following combination:
    • 4 parts ground cinnamon;
    • 2 parts ground nutmeg;
    • 1 part ground cardamom.


      Any of the above, though cardamom is not usual in apple pies on its own.

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Spice Mixtures

Apple Pie Spice; Cajun Spice Mix; Chili Powder; Curry Powder; Dukkah; Fine Powder; Five Spice Powder; Garam Masala; Goda Masala; Gulaschfix; Menudo Mix; Panch Phoron; Poudre d'Ermenesque; Poudre Marchant; Powder Blanch; Powder Douce; Powder Forte; Pumpkin Pie Spice; Ras el hanout; Sambar Masala; Sambar Podi; Shatta; Shichimi Togarashi; Spezie Forti; Tunisian Five Spices; Yuzu Shichimi; Za'atar; Zhoug

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