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Beef Liver

Beef Liver Whole

Beef Liver Whole
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Beef Liver is the liver of a cow or steer.

It has a milder taste than pork liver, but a stronger than that of Lamb's Liver. Generally, liver from younger cows (aka Calf's Liver) is preferred, as Calf's liver is a bit more tender, and has a bit less of that strong "liver" taste.

It will be sold with connective tissue removed, and lymph nodes and ducts trimmed away.

The colour of the raw meat can range from light brown with reddish shades, to dark brown.

Cooking Tips

Beef Liver Sliced

Beef Liver Sliced Horizontally
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Some advise soaking Beef Liver in milk first for two hours in the fridge before cooking to help "tenderize it."

After the soaking, you rinse it and pat it dry.

Beef Liver needs to be cooked just until slightly pink in the middle, or it will go very tough past that.


Beef Liver; Calf's Liver; Chopped Liver; Foie Gras; Lamb Liver; Liver Pudding; Pork Liver

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Also called:

Foie de génisse (French); Rindfleisch Leber (German)


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