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Crown Roast of Lamb

Crown Roast of Lamb is a fancy way of presenting a Rack of Lamb.

To make, take 2 to 3 racks of lamb. Cut between each rib from the top down, but don't cut through the bottom. This cutting gives the meat flexibility to be bent. Use the racks to form a circle, and tie them with butcher's string.

Some butchers will do this for you, though they'll often crack the bones instead of cutting through, and they'll remove the fell as well.

The ends of each rib are often Frenched for even more dramatic effect.

It will weigh anywhere from 2 1/2 to 4 1/2 pounds (1 to 2 kg.)

If made from three racks of lamb, it is sometimes referred to dramatically as a "Triple Crown Roast of Lamb."

You can stuff the centre. If you don't, put an ovenproof item in the centre, such as a bowl or tin, to help it hold its shape.

Cooking Tips

For roasting.

Crown Roast of Lamb is very easy to carve, so it is usually carved at the table. Before carving, snip off and discard any string that had held it together.

Language Notes

When formed into a circle, and particularly when the ends of the rib bones are Frenched, it's meant to resemble a crown.

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Also called:

Lamb Rib Crown Roast


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