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Delia Smith

Delia Smith

Delia Smith
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So large a national icon is Delia Smith in the United Kingdom, that the wonder is that she remains unknown across the pond in America or Canada.

She focusses on British classics, while being open to new approaches and ingredients. Her focus has mostly been to raise the fundamental standards of everyday cooking by educating people about the basics, step by step. Her word became law on how to do particular tasks in the kitchen. "Doing a Delia" is a phrase that means you are doing something exactly as she had instructed it to be done. When she recommend a food or kitchen item, supermarket shelves get ransacked for it throughout the UK.

Delia is always dressed neat, plain and tidy on TV. In fact, some describe her as looking like a grown-up Head Girl from school, and building on her being a Catholic, others call her "Saint Delia." But the saint image isn't sexy, in a day and age when food presenters are increasingly so, so she has tried to shake it off. In September 2000, she said, "I am not some prim Brownie pack leader. In fact I am a bit of a bitch." And her fellow food star, Anthony Worrall Thompson, called her the "coldest woman on television." In response, she said that he was "dreadful and repulsive."

Together with her husband Michael Wynn Jones, she created a company called New Crane Publishing Limited, of which he was the Managing Director. She and her husband later sold the company, and became large shareholders in the Norwich City football club in Norwich, Norfolk. The couple have no children; they live near Stowmarket, Suffolk (as of 2007.)


  • 1941 -- Delia was born 18 June 1941 in Woking, Surrey. Her mother's name was Etty Smith. Delia grew up in Bexleyheath, Kent and went to Bexleyheath School there.
  • 1957 -- She left school at the age of sixteen without a single qualification. She trained as a hairdresser, then worked in retail as an ordinary shop assistant, then worked at a travel agency.
  • 1962 -- At the age of twenty-one, she got a job in a small restaurant in the Paddington area of London called "The Singing Chef", owned by Leo Evans. She washed dishes and and served tables. [1] That got her interested in food. She started studying cooking books at the British Museum.
  • 1963 -- Delia had been baptized Church of England, had gone to Methodist and to Congregationalist churches, but at the age of twenty-two, she converted to Catholicism. During the mid 1960s, she boarded with a family on Harley Street in London.
  • 1969 -- Delia became a food writer for The Mirror in London. Her first column gave recipes for cheesecake, beef in beer, and kipper pâté. The deputy editor was a fellow from Wales named Michael Wynn Jones (born approximately 1942.) In the same year, she bakes a cake which is used on the album cover of the Rolling Stone's eighth album, "Let It Bleed." [2]
  • 1971 -- Delia married Michael on 11 September 1971. Publishes her first cookbook, "How to cheat at Cooking."
  • 1972 -- Delia begins writing for The Evening Standard in London. She would write for them from 1972 to 1985.
  • 1973 -- Delia starts teaching cooking on a TV series for BBC1 called "Family Fare." The series ran until 1975 . Around this period, she also became a food columnist for the BBC's Radio Times, which she continued until 1986, and got a job helping to make a TV food commercial. Just before they started filming the commercial, she stepped in and whipped up a pie when one needed for the shoot was dropped on the floor.
  • 1978 -- Delia does "Delia Smith's Cookery Course: Part One", through BBC Further Education, on TV and through accompanying books. The "course" went on to have three parts.
  • 1980s -- Delia publishes a string of books.
  • 1990s -- There was no book or TV programme she could do that wouldn't be a huge success, often breaking sales records.
  • 1990 -- Delia gives viewers a recipe for "truffle torte" that called for 5 tablespoons of liquid glucose. Within days you couldn't find it anywhere in the UK. In the same year, Delia did the programme, "Delia Smith's Christmas on TV."
  • 1993 -- Delia started consulting for Sainsbury's grocery stores. She and her husband establish "New Crane Publishing Limited." Through it, in May of this year, they launched Sainsbury's (Food) Magazine for the store. This formal, frequent association with Sainsbury's lasted until 1998. In the same year, she did "Delia Smith's Summer Collection" on BBC 2, a ten-part series. The photography for the accompanying book was actually done in Provence by Peter Knab at his placed called "Le Baou d'Infer" twenty minutes outside of St. Tropez, where the light is more dependable. Delia was present, with her food stylist doing most of the cooking. Peter Knab would later do the photography for the Winter Collection as well.
  • 1995 -- She did the "Delia Smith's Winter Collection", a twelve-part series on BBC 2 TV, along with an accompanying book. In "Winter Collection", she mentioned cranberries, causing a run on them across the UK, with sales spiking up by 30%. In the same year, she received the Order of the British Empire from the Queen.
  • 1996 -- Delia received several more honours: an honorary university degree from Nottingham University, a Fellowship from St Mary's College at the University of Surrey, and a Fellowship from the Royal Television Society.
  • 1998 -- Delia launched her "How To Cook" ten-part series on BBC 2, taking everything back to basics, covering items such as boiling eggs and potatoes. She said that no one knew how to boil an egg anymore, as cooking had dropped out of most school's curriculums. Other TV cooks such as Gary Rhodes said at the time that she was insulting the intelligence of viewers in dedicating one episode to how to boil an egg. Yet, with Delia having shown people how to cook an egg, egg sales rose that year 10% across the United Kingdom. She also mentioned a particular small aluminum frying pan (called the "Lune Metal") as being fabulous for omelettes. It was made by a family firm in Lancashire that put out about 200 of them a year. Four months after the TV series, they'd received orders for 100,000 of them.
  • 1999 -- Delia received an honorary university degree from the University of East Anglia, and started catering at the Norwich City Football Club.
  • 2000 -- Delia received a fellowship from John Moores University, Liverpool.
  • 2001 -- In March, Delia launched her own website, "Delia Online" with 820 recipes (increased to 1,000 by 2006.)
  • 2004 -- Delia and Michael sold New Crane to Seven Publishing at the end of 2004 for £13.7m, but retained ownership of her website. In the same year, she announced that she was stopping shows teaching cooking on TV, as the demand had shifted to food entertainment shows. By 2004, Delia had sold more than 17,000,000 books altogether. In the same year, she was the co-curator of an exhibit on 18th and 19th century British cookbooks at the British Library (the exhibit ran from 27 February to 25 May 2004.)
  • In November 2007, Delia Smith announced that she would be returning to TV to do a cooking series for the BBC.


  • 1971. How To Cheat At Cooking
  • 1973. Recipes from Country Inns and Restaurants
  • 1974. The Evening Standard Cookbook
  • 1976. Frugal Food
  • 1977. Delia Smith's Book of Cakes
  • 1978. Delia Smith's Cookery Course: Part One (books to accompany TV series)
  • 1979. Delia Smith's Cookery Course: Part Two (books to accompany TV series)
  • 1980. Delia Smith's Cookery Course: Part Three (books to accompany TV series)
  • 1980. Food Aid (to raise money for Band Aid)
  • 1982. Delia Smith's Complete Cookery Course (amalgamating the 3 books from 1978 to 1980 inclusive)
  • 1983. A Feast for Advent
  • 1983. A Feast For Lent
  • 1985. One is Fun!
  • 1989. Delia Smith's Complete Illustrated Cookery Course. An updated and illustrated version of the 1982 Delia Smith's Complete Cookery Course
  • 1990. Delia Smith's Christmas book to accompany TV programme
  • 1993. Delia Smith's Summer Collection (to accompany series of the same name)
  • 1995. Delia Smith's Winter Collection (to accompany series of the same name)
  • 1997. Delia's Red Nose Collection (to raise money for Comic Relief)
  • 1998. A Journey into God (a book on prayer)
  • 1998. October. How to Cook: Book One (to accompany TV series)
  • 1999. December. How to Cook: Book Two (to accompany TV series)
  • 2001. December. How to Cook: Book Three (to accompany TV series)
  • 2001. Delia's Chocolate Collection (to raise money for Comic Relief)
  • 2002. Delia's Vegetarian Collection
  • 2003. Autumn. Start of the Delia collection of books, each focussing on an ingredient or dish. The first four published were Chicken, Chocolate, Fish and Soup
  • 2004. Two more books added to the Delia collection, Italian and Pork
  • 2004. Delia's Kitchen Garden: A Beginners' Guide to Growing and Cooking Fruit and Vegetables (with Gay Search)
  • 2009. Delia is awarded a CBE (Commander of the British Empire) in June 2009, receiving it in a ceremony at Buckingham Palace in November of that year.
  • 2009. Delia Through The Decades. A five-part series on BBC.


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