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Gingerbread Day

Gingerbread Day

Gingerbread Day
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5 June

The 5th of June is Gingerbread Day.

Gingerbread is more traditional at Christmas or during the winter, when the warming effects of the spicy ginger could be most appreciated. Holding a special day for it in June is perhaps an attempt to popularize it and create a market for it at other times of the year, but it hasn't really caught on. Schools and clubs are still holding their own Gingerbread Days during the month of December.

Though in promoting the June date, fans are saying "It isn't just for Christmas anymore...", the truth, Virginia, is probably indeed that it is: it's just too strongly associated in people's minds with Christmas for that to change anytime soon.

Which is too bad: it really is a delicious, sophisticated-tasting cookie (aka biscuit) that should be enjoyed year round.

Language Notes

Gingerbread is an old word for ginger cookies or biscuits.

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