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Ground Lamb

Ground Lamb is ground lamb meat, usually from the shank and neck as well as trimmings from the breast, flank, leg, loin, rib, or shoulder

The fat content can vary.

Sample quantities of ground lamb obtained from a lamb weighing 120 pounds (54 1/2 kg):
  • From the Flank: 1 pound (450g)
  • From the Loin: 1/2 pound (25g)
  • From the Shoulder: 1 pound (450g)

Traditional in English Shepherd's Pie, Greek Moussaka, Indian samosas, etc.

Cooking Tips

Use as you would ground beef or ground pork. It is usually cooked by frying before being used in a dish.


The increased surface area raises the same bacterial issues (E. coli, etc) that ground beef does. Consequently, Ground Lamb needs to be cooked to at least 160 F (71 C), or until there is no pink anywhere in the ground meat you are cooking and any juices run off clear.

Storage Hints

Use or freeze within 2 days of purchase. Freeze for up to 1 month.

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Also called:

Minced Lamb; Agneau haché (French); Cordero picado (Spanish)


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