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Kool-Aid Day

Kool-Aid Day

Kool-Aid Day
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12 August

The 12th of August is Kool Aid Day. It has been observed since at least 1994, when it was celebrated by the Pastime Car Show in Hastings, Nebraska, where Kool-Aid was invented in 1927.

When's the last time you had Kool-Aid? Probably too long.

If you think it's beneath you now, because you only imbibe ultra-dry martinis, then have a few martinis and get back to us -- you might feel a bit more well-disposed towards celebrating an old friend afterwards.

So grab a pack and mix it up, and take a trip down memory-lane by reading all about Kool-Aid.

p.s.: In our entry on Kool-Aid, look under the Cooking Tips section to see how some people make an adult version.

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