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Koumiss is a fermented milk drink.

It is mostly made from cow's milk, though it was originally made from horse's milk, and some stables in Russia still produce it as a side-business.

The starter used is a combination of fungus and yeast. Koumiss from a previous batch can be used as a starter, if it is unpasteurized.

While the milk is fermenting, it needs to be shaken frequently to keep the product homogenized and so stop it from settling.

It has a tart taste, and an alcohol content of 1 to 2 %. It was traditionally seen as being good for your stomach.

Arag can be made from Koumiss.


On average, 2% fat, 2% protein, 2% lactose

Storage Hints

Koumiss used to have limited shelf life of only 3 days before a process was developed to pasteurize it.

History Notes

May have originated with the Mongols.

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