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Paysanne is a French cooking term used to describe a style of cutting vegetables.

The word paysanne means "country style", indicating that this is a rougher, more informal cut that other more precise cuts that exist in French cooking.

To cut vegetables paysanne-style, you cut them thinly, but cut them more according to their shape when possible. If you are cutting carrots, you cut them into thin circles, as their shape would dictate. If you are cubing a potato or turnip, you aim for cubes about 1 cm (1/2 inch) on each side.

Chopping Techniques

Allumette; Bâtonnet; Brunoise; Chiffonade; Chopping Onions; Chopping Techniques; Coining; Dice; Emincer; Jardiniere; Julienne; Macédoine; Mince; Mirepoix au gras; Mirepoix; Paysanne; Pulverize; Salpicon; Top and Tail; White Mirepoix

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