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Pistachio Day

Pistachio Day

Pistachio Day
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26 February

The 26th of February is the day to treat yourself to Pistachios, and learn a little more about them. Many people already know that Pistachios aren't naturally red, but why are they dyed at all?

While learning about Pistachios, you can treat yourself to them in baklava or in Pistachio Ice cream, or even in a savoury dish.

In the French Revolutionary Calendar, Pistachio Day -- "jour de la pistache" -- was Sextidi 26 Brumaire. (Brumaire was the second month of autumn, occurring roughly between 22/24 October and 20/22 November.)

The University of California Cooperative Extension has sponsored a Pistachio Day for the state of California on the third Tuesday of every January
since at least 1998. It's for Pistachio Growers, and is usually held at the Visalia Convention Center. in Visalia, California.

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