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Taco Day

Taco Day

Ground Beef Tacos
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12 June

There is actually a great deal of varying opinion as to when Taco Day actually is.

Competing dates include 16th April, 11th June, 12th June and 4th October.

The confusion likely stems from the plethora of Taco Days held at school and office cafeterias. Some cafeterias even make one day of every week a Taco Day, giving them 52 Taco Days in a year.

North Dakota State University holds an annual Indian Taco Day around the middle of November each year, sponsored by the Native American Student Association (who knew the Woodlands and High Plains Indians made tacos?)

In any event, don't miss Taco Day. If you plan ahead, you might even be organized enough to have the fixing for Margaritas on hand. Have some friends, families or neighbours around for a small, low-key get together, with everyone assembling his or her own taco. You can do the fried beef or re-fried beans the night before. As people arrive, hand them cheese and lettuce to shred to help them get into the spirit of things.

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