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Truffle Butter

Truffle Butter is butter that is flavoured and scented with truffle shavings. Some versions are also mixed with olives, anchovies, etc.

In a classical French version, 100g of fresh truffles are blended with 150g of butter, then forced through a sieve.

Black Truffle Butter

Usually French-style. It uses black truffles and therefore will be dark-coloured.

White Truffle Butter

Usually Italian style, but French makes are also available. Uses white truffles, and is therefore light-coloured. In Italian versions, shavings of Parmesan are often included in the mix, along with a bit of salt. For commercial preparations, a bit of citric acid is added to act as a preservative. One Italian brand that comes in a jar is named "Tartufetta", made in Acqualagna, Italy.

Cooking Tips

Can be stirred into hot pasta to act as a very basic sauce, or melted to drizzle over cuts of beef such as Tenderloin to help give them some interest.

In classical French cooking, can be used as a garnish for cold hors-d'oeuvre such as canapés.

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Also called:

Beurre de truffes (French)


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