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Vekak Czech Purple Stripe Garlic

Vekak Czech Purple Stripe Garlic has white bulb skins with purple striples.

Inside, there will be 10 to 12 good-sized cloves with light purple skin.

The flavour comes out well when cooked

Vekak Czech Purple Stripe belongs to the Purple Stripe sub-group of hardneck garlic

Cooking Tips

Best for cooking.

History Notes

Vekak Czech Purple Stripe Garlic originated in Czechoslovakia.

Purple Stripe Garlic

Australian Purple Stripe Garlic; Bogatyr Purple Stripe Garlic; Brown Tempest Garlic; Chesnok Red Purple Stripe Garlic; French Germinador Purple Stripe Garlic; Glenlarge Purple Stripe Garlic; Maitake Purple Stripe Garlic; Marbled Purple Stripe Garlic; Metechi Purple Stripe Garlic; Mexican Red Purple Stripe Garlic; Moraluz Purple Stripe Garlic; Persian Star Purple Stripe Garlic; Polish Purple Stripe Garlic; Purple Glazer Purple Stripe Garlic; Purple Stripe Garlics; Siberian Purple Stripe Garlic; Southern Glen Stripe Garlic; Sprint Purple Stripe Garlic; Vekak Czech Purple Stripe Garlic

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