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Zucchini Bread Day

Apple zucchini bread

Apple zucchini bread
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25 April

At first blush, you might be tempted to ask who's the bright spark who picked April for Zucchini Bread Day?

Well, zucchini is harvested from November to May in Australia (depending on the part of Australia), with April being bumper crop time down under.

In the northern hemisphere, the reason for having Zucchini Bread Day now would be to make it at a time when you can appreciate it. That's the point of many of these food holidays, to make something that you take for granted at other times of the year a novelty by having it out of season. For instance, in the northern hemisphere, in August when the zucchini glut has hit every street, you may wish instead to think of sports you can play with Zucchini Bread, such as get your street to play pass the Zucchini bread, Zucchini Bread dodge, etc.

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