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Agneau au Beurre

Agneau au Beurre is roasted lamb with flavoured butter on it.

The butter is whipped first, then flavoured to make it into a compound butter.

There are two ways of applying the butter -- before cooking, or after:
    • Spread the flavoured butter on the raw lamb before roasting with a knife or by hand, and then during roasting, bast the lamb every 15 minutes or so with the melted butter that is collecting in the roasting pan; or
    • Serve the flavoured butter in small pats on top of the hot, roasted meat as a garnish, to melt and form a sauce (e.g. as in pats of beurre maître d'hôtel placed on top grilled lamb cutlets as they are plated.)

"Agneau au Beurre" dishes will have slightly different names, reflecting the type of compound butter that is used in making them: