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Appakarai Pans

An Appakarai Pan is a pan along the idea of a muffin tin, that resembles an Kanom Krok pan in Thailand, and an aebleskiver pan in Denmark, or a frying pan with a permanent egg-poaching insert in it with rounded cups in it.

It is used in India for making Kuzhi Appam.

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Aebleskiver Pans; Appachatti Pans; Appakarai Pans; Broiling Pans; Cast Iron; Chafing Dish; Crêpe Pans; Electric Frying Pans; French Roasting Pans; Frying Pans; Kanom Krok Pans; Meatloaf Pans; Non-Reactive Pans; Non-Stick Pans; Omelet Pans; Paella Pans; Pans; Quiche Pans; Roasting Pans; Sauté Pans; Self-Basting Roasters; Spiders; Wok

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Also called:

Paniyaram Pans; Appakarai, Ponganaala Pennam (Indian)


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