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Cinderella Pumpkins

Cinderella Pumpkins are shaped like Cinderella's coach as depicted by Disney.

They are slightly flattened, with deep orange rind and deep ribs, and occasionally some bumps or netting on the rind.

The size ranges from 15 to 40 pounds (7 to 18 kg.)

Most people consider them ornamental pumpkins. Some say they are good to eat as well. Of those, some say the flavour is mild, some say the flavour is bland.

And some say, no matter how you cook it, you aren't going to make it taste like anything at all.

95 days from seed.

History Notes

Cinderella Pumpkins were popular in France in the 1800s.

Some speculate that a parent may have been "Jaune de Paris."

They were introduced into America in 1883 by the W. Atlee Burpee Burpee Seed Company.

Language Notes

The French name is "Rouge Vif d'Etampes." In French, "Rouge vif" means "vivid red". Etampes is the village that, reputedly, Burpee first sourced his seed from.

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Also called:

Curcurbita maxima Cinderella (Scientific Name); Rouge Vif d'Etampes (French)


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