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Mushrooms are not really vegetables because they're not really plants.

Most plants use sunlight to "photosynthesize" to create their own food (the sunlight provides the energy for plants to convert carbon dioxide and water into glucose.) Mushrooms can't do this; instead, they get their food from other plants, usually dead ones, but not always (some will live off of live trees.)
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Butternut Squash
Butternut Squash is large, cylindrical and has a pale yellow buff coloured skin. Its rind is very thin, making it easy to peel with a vegetable peeler (easier to peel, say, than an acorn squash, which has a very tough rind.) This easy-peeling makes butternut squash an ideal candidate for steaming or boiling then mashing. The firm flesh is deep orange, sweet and slightly nutty tasting.

Butternut has a very small seed cavity inside, so it's not the best one for stuffing. You can only get in just enough stuffing to set off accusatory looks as it is rationed out at the table.
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