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Poor Meatloaves -- who ever thinks to take pictures of them? When was the last time you saw one featured in a four-page food magazine spread-out?

Meatloaf is ground meat, with a binder such as egg and a starch such as bread or cracker crumbs, along with chopped vegetable and seasonings, formed into a loaf shape (usually), then baked. Many recipes for Meatloaves can also be fried as meat balls.

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Random learning

New Zealand (NZ) introduced rationing during the Second War World, largely in order to create a surplus of food that it could use to feed its British and American allies. It was in a way the mirror image of British wartime rationing: in Britain, the rationing was to deal with shortages. In New Zealand, the goal of the rationing was to create surpluses.

Prior to World War Two, farming was the most important sector of New Zealand's economy, and brought in 94% of New Zealand's foreign exchange. From 1936 to 1939, New Zealand exported 94% of its cheese, 85% of its butter, and over 50% of its meat. During each of those three years, it produced an average of 164,000 tons of butter, 88,000 tons of cheese, and 470,000 tons of meat. 80% of all exports combined went to the United Kingdom (UK.)

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