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Charles Mason Hovey
Charles Mason Hovey was born 26 October 1810, Cambridge, Massachusetts. He is known today for his plant breeding and promotion, particularly with strawberries. He also promoted the zinfandel grape, and was the one who shipped it first to California.

Charles's parents were Phineas Brown Hovey (8 Nov 1770 - 19 Apr 1852) and Sarah Stone (7 Jun 1769 - 9 Dec 1846.) In 1824, he graduated from Cambridge Academy in Massachusetts. In 1832, at the age of 22, he started a seed store and a small nursery with his brother Phineas in Cambridge. Two years later, in 1834, at the age of 24, he started a magazine called "American Gardeners' Magazine" (renamed in 1837 to "The Magazine of Horticulture, Botany, and all useful discoveries and improvements in rural affairs.") In the preface to the first issue under the new name in 1837, he said the name change was to avoid confusion with other magazines. He published the magazine until 1868. He said he had been inspired to start it by the Gardener's Magazine from London.
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In America, the predominant Turkey breed is the American Bronze (aka Broadbreasted White), which was developed in the 1950s for size and weight. 99% of the Turkeys sold are Broadbreasted White. These domesticated birds are so awkward that they can't fly or run: they can't breed by themselves, and have to be artificially inseminated. Without man around to help, there wouldn't be a next generation of them. They are usually brought to market within 3 months of hatching, at an average weight of 27 pounds (12 kg.)

When first hatched, Turkeys are not fed for the first day or so, as they are still digesting yolk that is in their stomachs.
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