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Graham Wafers
Graham Wafers are flat, crisp wafers made from graham flour and sweetened, often with honey.

They are considered a sweet biscuit rather than savoury biscuit or cracker.
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Instant Mashed Potato Flakes
Many people hate Instant Mashed Potatoes. They seem to have built-in radar that enables them to spot Instant Mash before it even hits their plates. To be fair, even Instant Mashed Potato lovers will say they don't taste the same as real mashed. But they will say that they taste just as good in their own way. Many people doctor them up by adding herbs, cream cheese or sour cream.

Instant Mashed Potatoes are good for people who are either living in very small spaces and can't store bags of potatoes, or who live in spaces too warm for potatoes to last long, who don't have easy transportation to and from grocery stores to carry heavy bags of potatoes along with all their other groceries, or who live alone and find that fresh potatoes always go bad on them before they have a chance to use them. Many people will cook up instant for themselves or family, but would never serve them to guests.
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