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A.1. Steak Sauce
A.1. Steak Sauce is a brown sauce that is runnier and fruitier than other brown sauces The ingredients include orange peel and raisins.

A.1. sauce is now no longer generally available in Britain, except at specialty shops that carry American foods, at prices that would make North American eyes pop -- around £4.50 - £7.00 a bottle (2004 prices.) In fact, many Brits who have heard of it assume it's an American sauce, and don't know that it actually originated in the UK. From time to time, in some parts of the country, it has been available at Tesco's and Sainsbury's; spotters of it on UK grocery shelves breathlessly report sightings, as though they had just seen a Great Bustard racing through Leicester Square.
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Oreo Cookies
Oreo Cookies are an American dessert made by the Nabisco Company, currently (2010) owned by Kraft.

They consist of two chocolate wafers, with a vanilla filling inside. Over the years, several variations have been released.

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