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Poor Meatloaves -- who ever thinks to take pictures of them? When was the last time you saw one featured in a four-page food magazine spread-out?

Meatloaf is ground meat, with a binder such as egg and a starch such as bread or cracker crumbs, along with chopped vegetable and seasonings, formed into a loaf shape (usually), then baked. Many recipes for Meatloaves can also be fried as meat balls.

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Random learning

Cactus Leaves
Cactus Leaves are used in Mexican and Latin American cooking, but only leaves from one kind of cactus: the Prickly Pear Cactus, the same one that produces the Prickly Pear fruit. Some other species of cactus are poisonous, so don't decide to start munching on just any old dusty cactus in your windowsill. The Mexicans call this cactus the "nopal."

The leaves taste a bit like green bell pepper, asparagus and runner beans or green beans, with a bit of tartness to the taste. They are thick, and range in colour from pale to a dark green.

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