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Cooked Lobster
Male Lobsters will have thick small fins on their abdomens, while females will have finer, thinner ones. Female Lobsters have a bit more meat, and some people feel that they are often somewhat sweeter and juicier than male Lobsters. While that may be largely subjective, female Lobsters do often, however, have in them red eggs, which some people like. This is called either the "roe" or the "coral." It turns orange when cooked.

The green stuff inside is called the "tomalley." It's the same as the "mustard" of a crab; it's the Lobster's digestive system. Zealous Lobster fans relish its very rich flavour. Like a crab though, eating it may be less and less a good idea, as any pollution in what the Lobster has eaten will be concentrated in there.

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Port Salut Cheese
Port Salut is the cheese that started a whole range of cheeses: see Port du Salut cheese.

Port Salut is semi-soft cheese made from cow's milk.
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