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Alexis Benoit Soyer
Alexis Benoit Soyer was a famous chef and food author in Victorian England. He was a household name, and even often the subject of fun, if only owing to his penchant for flamboyant clothing that included a red velvet beret.

Alexis Benoit (aka Bénoist) Soyer was born 4 February 1810 in France rue Cornillon in Meaux-en-Brie on the Marne river east of Paris (some erroneously the birth year was 1809.) His father, Emery Roch Alexis Soyer, was a former grocer. His mother's name was Marie Madeleine Francoise Chamberlan. He was the youngest of five sons, two of whom had died in their infancy. Philippe, the eldest, had been born in 1799. His other surviving brother, Louis, born 1801, later became a cabinet maker.
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In America, the predominant Turkey breed is the American Bronze (aka Broadbreasted White), which was developed in the 1950s for size and weight. 99% of the Turkeys sold are Broadbreasted White. These domesticated birds are so awkward that they can't fly or run: they can't breed by themselves, and have to be artificially inseminated. Without man around to help, there wouldn't be a next generation of them. They are usually brought to market within 3 months of hatching, at an average weight of 27 pounds (12 kg.)

When first hatched, Turkeys are not fed for the first day or so, as they are still digesting yolk that is in their stomachs.
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