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Lefse Griddle

A Lefse Griddle is a very large, flat, round cooking surface designed specially for baking the Norwegian flat bread called "lefse."

It has no edges on it and just a slightly raised rim. Having no makes it easier to roll the lefses over during cooking.

The griddles are generally about 16 inches (40 cm) wide.

The griddles are normally operated at 475 to 500 F (245 to 260 C), and used ungreased.

Lefse Griddles used to all be stove top (or hearth top) ones, of course, but electric ones are more common now. Electric ones will have either aluminum, or non-stick surfaces, and be on short legs, and have wooden handles and a thermostat controller.

You can also use a Lefse Griddle for anything you would griddle. Some models have optional lids that you can purchase to extend their usability to other food stuffs, such as baking a pizza on it. Many have a part of the side that acts as an overflow spout, to allow things such as grease to drain off when cooking other things.


A large griddle, an electric frying pan, or a big cast iron frying pan.

Language Notes

The North American confusion between grill and griddle extends here as well, so that it's often mistakenly called -- so much so that there's no hope of correcting it -- a Lefse Grill.

A lefse griddle is called a "takke" in Norwegian.

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