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Lord of The Hundreds Cheese

Lord of The Hundreds is a hard cheese made from unpasteurized sheep's milk.

It can be compared to a pecorino. It is dry and crumbly like parmesan, but with a smooth, mild taste.

The milk is curdled using vegetarian rennet. The cheeses are made in 9 1/2 to 11 pound (4.3 to 5 kg) wheels, and aged 4 months.

Lord of The Hundreds Cheese was created by James and Pat Aldridge of the Eastside Cheese Company, near Godstone, Surrey, England. It is now made by Cliff and Julie Dyball, of the Traditional Cheese Dairy Company at Stonegate, East Sussex.

Language Notes

Lord of The Hundreds is named after the Hundreds Knoll, a mound where the Saxons would gather to pay their tithes and bring cases to magistrates. The mound was behind the house of the cheese's inventor, in Aldridge, Walsall, West Midlands, UK.

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