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Potato Day

29 January

Potato Day started in 1994. In the UK, it is sponsored by the HDRA organic assocation and by the grocery store chain, Waitrose.

Talks are given about potatoes, and garden hours. At some places in the UK, a greater variety of potatoes are for sale at markets and stores than you might normally see on offer.

Other Potato Days around the world:
    • Many groups in the UK now hold a potato day at varying times throughout the first part of the year. For a complete list see http://www.potatoday.org/potatodays.htm;
    • Rossinver, Country Leitrim, Ireland, holds its Potato Day in March;
    • In Peru, National Potato Day falls on the 30th May, sponsored by the International Potato Centre (CIP) in Lima;
    • Clark, South Dakota has held one in August since 1972;
    • Greely, Colorado holds one in September;
    • Florenville, Belgium holds its Potato Day in October;
    • Williams, Minnesota has held its Potato Day in October since 1953. They hold potato sculpture and potato decoration contests, as well as a Potato Parade.

Some things you can do today:
    • if you have a home garden, buy rare varieties to grow at home;
    • if you have children, you can help them make potato stamps for art work;
    • you can make potato pancakes, even a potato cake

Or, you could deem today to be Couch Potato Day, and just read about potatoes here on CooksInfo.com, where we have over 700 varieties listed and described. For instance, did you know, the two potato varieties which collapsed in the face of virus and caused the Irish potato famine were "Magnum Bonum" and "Champion"?

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