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Cheeseball Day

17 April

Many people hate cheeseballs. They are seen as very cheesy, as in "tacky."

In fact, "cheeseball" is one of those food words that, like corn (as in "corny"), or "vanilla", has been absorbed into general usage to describe something as being a bit less than exotic or sexy.

Which Cheeseball on Cheeseball Day?

It's uncertain whether Cheeseball Day is meant to celebrate cheeseballs as in the baked doughy snacks served hot on trays at Christmas, or the larger ball of cheese rolled in chopped nuts that you use as a spread, or even, who knows, whether it means to do something cheeseballish or act like a cheeseball?!

Actually, come to speak of it, did you even know there were different types of cheeseballs? Many people don't -- they know only about the kinds of cheeseballs they know about. A Cheeseball doesn't have to be the baked concotion that hearkens from the heart of 1950s kitchen kitsch: for the higher-brow amongst you, remember that bocconcini, buffalo-milk fresh mozzarella, Scamorza, Caciocavallo, and Caciocavallo Affumicato are all cheese balls!

Among the small businesses getting into the spirit and supporting Cheeseball Day is Luizzi's Cheese Factory in New Haven, Connecticut, USA.

In any event, if you want to treat yourself on Cheeseball Day to a cheeseball, or a ball of cheese, the 7th of April is the day to do it!

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