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Flat Breads

Flat Breads

Flat Breads
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Flat Breads are breads that are made with little or no yeast or leavener.

Most of these breads are very old in origin, and most hail from the Middle East or South-East Asia.

They also take advantage of the softer wheats, which can't develop the same amount of yeast-bubble-trapping gluten that the harder, North American prairie wheats do.

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Flat Breads

Bammy Bread; Barbari Bread; Bolo de Milho; Borlenghi; Cassava Bread; Chapati; Flat Breads; Fougasse; Hardangerlefse; Injera; Kocho; Lagana Bread; Laganum; Lavash Bread; Lefse; Matzo; Numedal Lefse; Oppdal Lefse; Orindes; Pane Carasau; Pappadams; Piadina; Pizza; Pupusas; Sangak Bread; Shao Bing; Stottie Bread; Taaftun Bread; Testaroli; Tigelle; Tortillas (Mexican); Tractum

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Also called:

Fladenbrot (German)


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