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Strawberry Cream Pie Day

Strawberry Cream Pie Day

Strawberry Cream Pie Day
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28 September

The 28th of September is Strawberry Cream Pie Day.

There are many different types of Strawberry Cream Pie.

Some types use custard, some cream cheese, some use a version of whipped cream as the filling.

Some get the strawberry flavour from strawberry gelatin, with strawberries acting as garnishes; some get all their strawberry flavour from strawberries on the top, halved or sliced, glazed or left plain.

The pie itself can be put into a regular short-crust pie shell, or one made from Graham wafer crumbs or digestive biscuits.

The lingering question is, though, why on earth September? Perhaps it's a ploy to promote out-of-season strawberries. Even in the southern hemisphere, the strawberry season hasn't started yet: in Australia, it is October through May.

Oh well, treat yourself and a friend to some of this classic summer pie -- in the fall.

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