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Prescinseua Cheese

Prescinseua is a fresh cheese, sort of halfway between ricotta and Greek yoghurt. It is both a clabbered cheese, and a cheese that uses rennet.

It is spread on bread, stirred into sauces (even pesto) or served with sugar for breakfast.

The cheese is made in Liguria, Italy, particularly in Valle Stura a Masone and Golfo del Tigullio. It doesn't have a long life span, so it can't really be shipped far from where it is made. In Liguria, it is sold in supermarkets in small tubs.

Cooking Tips

To make it, you need 2 litres of whole unpasteurized cow's milk, 5 grams of rennet.

You let the milk sit in a platter for 48 hours (at this point, the milk will be "clabbered".) Take 1/4 litre of that, heat it to between 40 and 50 C, and stir in the rennet, then mix back into the other milk, and let sit 4 hours.

The milk should be coagulated at that point.


1/2 ricotta, 1/2 yoghurt (preferably Greek yoghurt)

Language Notes

Also called "Prescinseha."

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Also called:

Prescinseua (Italian)


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