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Pudding Sticks

Pudding Stick is a stirring tool. It's a round stick, flattened at the end you used to stir with, making it resemble a paddle.

It is more useful than a spoon for scraping the bottom of a pot and preventing a pudding or porridge from burning,

Early ones were usually quite long, to let you reach into an open-fire hearth without burning your hands. Later, as stove-tops became prevalent, the handles got shorter.

They were popular in Victorian kitchens.

Pudding stick also came to be a derogatory term that canoeists would apply to an unsatisfactory paddle.

Pudding Stick Pudding
A Pudding Stick is also the name use for a Prepared Food of North American style pudding. Made by the Jello-O company, they come in boxes of 8 individual-sized serving portions. Each portion of pudding is in a package cylinder. You open a tab at the top, and squeeze the container and the pudding rises out for you to suck. Then you discard the container.

These Pudding Sticks come in many different flavours.

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Mush Stick


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