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Pumpkin Pie Day

Pumpkin Pie Day

Pumpkin Pie Day
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21 November

Pumpkin Pie Day falls just before the American Thanksgiving holiday.

Perhaps it's a reminder to cooks to get everything they need for their pies before the store shelves are picked clean at this time of year. Or perhaps it's a chance to get a head start on Pumpkin Pie, which you may have been waiting all year for, and to get while the getting's good.

At least it's a food holiday that occurs at a sensible time of year, when the particular food item is actually coming in from the fields. Mind you, most people will use the tinned Pumpkin Purée that the canning companies put down last year, but never mind. It might have sat on a store shelf all year but at least you're eating it in season; it just happens that it's in season because the season has rolled 'round again. It's still the thought that counts.

Another suggested date for Pumpkin Pie Day is 13 August, though that date is definitely the product of a modern society that uses canned goods, coming as it does about two months before pumpkins are ready to harvest. Other suggested dates (31 October, 25 December) appear too absurd to consider. On those dates, you might already have enough of an abundance of other things to eat.

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