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When you buy strawberries out of season, especially in winter, you are more likely to think "should you", rather than "how." The "how" part is easy: different varieties of strawberries have now been bred to produce fruit at different times of the year. The "should you" part is a rather trickier matter between you, your wallet and your tastes.

Winter strawberries don't seem to have the taste of local Strawberries in the summer. These winter varieties, destined for widespread markets rather than just local consumption, have been bred to be more durable for shipping, to have a longer shelf life, and for some reason, they tend to have about half the sugar content of summer strawberries, which is why they aren't as sweet. They can still be nice, but these are the wrong strawberries to dip in chocolate or to just serve simply with cream: save that for the summer ones. See under cooking tips below for some ways to wake up the flavour of off-season strawberries.
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Salade Complète
A "Salade Complète" in French is a very large composed salad, a meal in itself. It will have a meat ingredient, which is what makes it in many people's minds a "salade complète."

There will almost always be a leafy vegetable such as lettuce. Thinly sliced ham such as Bayonne often appears. Besides that, an egg, fried or boiled, cheese discs or pieces perhaps melted on a small piece of toasted bread, a few sautéed potatoes, anchovies, beets, croutons, tomato wedges, etc.

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