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Plymouth Gin
Traditionally, Plymouth Gin has been considered a gin category on its own, though to taste it you'd really think it another brand under the London Dry category.

It is triple-distilled and very aromatic. It has an earthier flavour, owing to an increased amount of angelica and orris root in it to balance the floral elements more. And it seems to work. Fans say it has the best balance of all gins. They might be right. When you've had a crisp Martini made with Plymouth Gin, it's hard to say no to another one.

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Random learning

A Blowtorch is like a portable broiler (aka grill in the UK) or salamander, to heat the tops of food items. In Japan, they are used at small tofu stands to make Yakidofu, though a few stands still grill the tofu the old way over charcoal.

A Blowtorch can brown one area of food, without heating the rest of the food, or the dish the food is in or on. The classic use is for caramelizing the top on Crème Brûlée. In restaurants, this would most likely be done in a salamander.

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