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A Pumpkin is a culinary term for some varieties of winter squash. A pumpkin can be grown for its flesh (for use in pies, livestock feed, etc), for its seeds, or for its ornamental looks.

Which types of winter squash a pumpkin can be isn't determined by anything as cut and dry as the various botanical categories that squash is broken down into (e.g. Curcubita pepo, Curcubita moschata, etc.) Instead, it depends on certain physical characteristics: coarser flesh, and rinds somewhere between summer squash and winter squash in hardness.
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Lecithin is an emulsifier that also helps a product to retain moisture.

It used to be made from egg yolk but is now almost always made from soybean. Sometimes this is said to be healthier: it seems to depend on whether eggs are good or bad for us in that particular phase of the moon. In any event, it is certainly always cheaper to produce and sell using soybeans, and it works just as well. Lecithin can also be made from canola oil, though this is being done in only limited quantities because canola contains only half as much Lecithin as does soy, making it cost-ineffective.

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"Good wine is a necessity of life for me."

-- Thomas Jefferson (American president. 13 April 1743 - 4 July 1826)

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  • food day iconDoll Festival (Today)
    The Doll Festival is an unofficial, fun holiday in Japan, mostly for small girls. In Japanese, the holiday is called "Hina matsuri" ("Hina" means a "doll" in Japanese.) Girls arrange their collection of dolls for proud display on tiered stands in their living rooms.

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