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Swiss Cheese
Swiss Cheese is a North American generic imitation of Emmenthal, just as Jarlsberg is a Norwegian version of Emmenthal. In the UK, and in Europe, "Swiss Cheese" has no meaning as a specific cheese. It would be like saying "1 pound of French cheese" -- people would ask you which French cheese? Real Swiss cheeses are named after the region of Switzerland they come from, such as Appenzeller, Emmenthal, Gruyère and Vacherin.

In any event, Swiss Cheese as a specific cheese does exist in North America. It's a hard, ivory-coloured cheese made from pasteurized cow's milk. It has a mildly nutty flavour.

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Random learning

Smoked Salmon
Smoked Salmon used to be very expensive, because all salmon were caught in the wild, and quality could vary. With the advent of salmon farming, while Smoked Salmon hasn't gone down in price, it has pretty much stayed the same while the price of everything else around it went up.

Many people prefer Smoked Salmon that has been made from farm-raised salmon: farmed salmon is raised for the exact balance of fat content that many salmon lovers prefer, and the flavour is in the fat.

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