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Bread Machine
There have been two prevailing attitudes about bread machines.

The first is that they're not very good. This dates from the very earliest bread machines in the 1980s. Both the machines, and our understanding of how to work with them, have come a long way since then.
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Random learning

Deerfoot Sausage Logo
Deerfoot was a highly-esteemed brand of Sausage in America, often mentioned by brand name in menus.

The Deerfoot Farms Company was started in 1847 by Joseph Burnett (born 11 November 1820 in Southborough, Massachusetts; died 11 August 1894) as a dairy business, with the purchase of two farms. He was actually a trained pharmacist. He added pork and sausages to his product lines in 1871. The sausage and pork meat parts (spare ribs, bacon and "Deerfoot smoked Daisy Hams") came to be bigger than the dairy part of his business, but the dairy operations were continued nonetheless.

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