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Archestratus was a Greek writer who lived around 350 BC, on the island of Sicily just off the boot of the Italian peninsula. Though not a cook himself, he seems to have been a gourmand and a lover of good food and eating.

Sicily was a Greek colony at the time. Archestratus lived in either the Sicilian cities of Gela or Syracuse (both of which are still extant.) He did some of his writing in Gela.

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Today's Lunchtime Article
In America, the predominant Turkey breed is the American Bronze (aka Broadbreasted White), which was developed in the 1950s for size and weight. 99% of the Turkeys sold are Broadbreasted White. These domesticated birds are so awkward that they can't fly or run: they can't breed by themselves, and have to be artificially inseminated. Without man around to help, there wouldn't be a next generation of them. They are usually brought to market within 3 months of hatching, at an average weight of 27 pounds (12 kg.)

When first hatched, Turkeys are not fed for the first day or so, as they are still digesting yolk that is in their stomachs.
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