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Twinkies are small, gold-coloured sponge cakes filled with vanilla-flavoured "cream." The cream filling is injected through 3 holes in the top. It's packaged upside down, with the brown top on the bottom.

Up till around the 1960s, Twinkies used actual dairy in the cream filling. Now, the filling is dairy-free.

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Random learning

There are things that the ancient Romans made but we don't know what they actually were, as the items were so everyday in their kitchens that they never needed explaining in writing. Two thousand years from now, historians may struggle equally over our word, "cookie." Cookie is really hard to define; with any luck, future archaeologists will find a petrified example of one with a label attached and that will set it all straight.

An attempt at a definition: a small, usually crisp cake that can be eaten from the hand in a few bites. It is flat, though sometimes it may be raised slightly. It is made from a sweet dough that has been rolled and cut and then baked on a cookie sheet (flat baking sheet.) Sometimes, the dough is a bit more moist, and is dropped onto the cookie sheet by spoonfuls.

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