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Miracle Whip Advertisement
Miracle Whip is a bottled, commercial salad dressing that looks like mayonnaise. Made by Kraft, it is sweeter, tangier, and somewhat less expensive than mayonnaise.

It has been sold for over 70 years now, and has been used so widely that many people prefer it to the real thing.
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Dan Dan Noodles
Dan Dan Noodles is a dish from the Sichuan area of China. It is noodles served with a spicy sauce called "mala."

Mala sauce is made of ground pork, Sichuan pepper, chile oil, preserved vegetables and green onion. In the American-Chinese style of Mala sauce, sesame paste is often added to make it less spicy and sweeter.

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Bon mots

"Good taste [in cooking] is innate, and knowing with certainty when and how to break the rules -- and when not to -- is a talent few possess."

-- Michael McLaughlin

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