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Water Chestnuts
There are at least three major types of Water Chestnuts: Chinese, European and Indian.

"Chinese" Water Chestnuts

There are other Chinese Water Chestnuts (such as the ones termed "European" below), but type described here are the ones most of us are most familiar with today.
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Random learning

A sausage is a "tube" of meat. The outside of the tube, the wrapper, is usually called the "casing"; it can be a natural item such as an animal intestine, or it can be artificial. It is almost always edible. The wrapping holds inside it a mixture of meat, usually finely but sometimes more coarsely minced or ground, that is spiced in varying degrees, and may have some cereal mixed in with it. The mixture almost always holds some fat as well to help bind it and give it mouth feel. The meat can be presumed to be pork unless otherwise specified.

The sausage may be smoked or unsmoked; dried or fresh. The preparation process of some sausages essentially cooks them so that they can be eaten as is; most though require further cooking. Some sausages are meant to be served whole; others are meant to be served in slices in varying degrees of thickness; others are meant to be used solely as a flavouring ingredient in other dishes.

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Bon mots

"Dear gourmands! my bowels yearn towards them as a father's toward his children. They are so good natured! They have such sparkling eyes!"

-- Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin (French food writer. 1 April 1755 - 2 February 1826)