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Margarine is a product meant to be an alternative to butter. More than that, though, it become the product that launched a thousand political battles.

The dairy industry is ever vigilant about margarine claiming to be butter. They don't seem to mind the word "butter" being used to describe peanut butter, or almond butter, or milk being used to describe soy milk or almond milk, but just try to call margarine butter and oh boy, they're all over you. That's fair enough, but the dairy industry has an unfortunate, century-long history of urging governments to suffocate if not ban outright the margarine industry (see History section below.) If even the smallest of these repressive measures had been directed instead at the butter industry, there's no doubt they would have taken a different view of what was right and wrong. One thing governments weren't able to do, though, was police what people said at home in their dining rooms, and that was "pass the butter" when pointing at a tub of margarine.
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Wiltshire Bacon
Wiltshire Bacon is a wet-cured bacon made from pork loin.

This bacon cut has a large round oval of lean meat from the loin, making up most of the piece of bacon. At the end of the piece, there is a small, narrow streaky portion from the pork belly; and along the top of the entire length of the cut is a strip of white fat.
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