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Bread Machine
There have been two prevailing attitudes about bread machines.

The first is that they're not very good. This dates from the very earliest bread machines in the 1980s. Both the machines, and our understanding of how to work with them, have come a long way since then.
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Random learning

Baloney is a now much-maligned North American sausage used primarily as an inexpensive cold cut for sandwiches. It is not really known in Europe.

Baloney is a lightly-spiced sandwich or luncheon meat that is already cooked and ready to eat. It has a smooth-texture, very much like the meat in North American hot-dog wieners. Traditionally made from pork or beef, you can now also find it made from chicken or turkey. The parts of meat used are the tougher parts of meat that are high in collagen. The meat is ground finely and packed into a skin (usually an intestine) like a big sausage. It is not aged.

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