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A Lime tree is a small evergreen tree about 8 feet tall (2 1/2 metres) that blooms with small, white flowers. While lemons will grow in some warmer climates, Limes will definitely only grow in the tropics.

There are two main varieties of Limes, Persian Limes and Mexican Limes.
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A Funnel is a cone with a hole at the bottom of it. A hollow tube (called a "neck") is attached to it at the bottom where the hole is, so that stuff in the bowl of the cone will pass out through the hole and through the tube.

It is used to transfer food items into containers with narrow tops. The purpose of the Funnel is to minimize spillage and wastage during transfer of the food item.

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Bon mots

"It [Thanksgiving] was founded by the Puritans to give thanks for being preserved from the Indians, and we keep it to give thanks we are preserved from the Puritans."

-- Finley Peter Dunne (American writer. 10 July 1867 - 24 April 1936)