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Baloney is a now much-maligned North American sausage used primarily as an inexpensive cold cut for sandwiches. It is not really known in Europe.

Baloney is a lightly-spiced sandwich or luncheon meat that is already cooked and ready to eat. It has a smooth-texture, very much like the meat in North American hot-dog wieners. Traditionally made from pork or beef, you can now also find it made from chicken or turkey. The parts of meat used are the tougher parts of meat that are high in collagen. The meat is ground finely and packed into a skin (usually an intestine) like a big sausage. It is not aged.

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Pork is actually a red meat, if only because all meat from "cloven-hooved animals" is categorized as red. Unlike sheep which also provide wool, or cows which also provide milk, pigs only provide meat. Yet, even that isn't entirely true: though only 75% of a pig can be made into meat, the rest of the carcass is also put to many uses: lard, bristles, gelatin, etc.

A female pig is called a sow. A sow can produce two litters of pigs a year, with 8 to 30 piglets per litter. The natural lifespan of a pig is between 10 to 15 years. Most pigs are slaughtered between 4 and 7 months of age, and certainly by 8 months. The heavier ones are sold for bacon. A hog is a pig that weighs over 50 kilos.
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