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Greaseproof Paper

Greaseproof Paper used to be made by refining paper pulp till it became like flour, then formed into paper whose constituent bits were so close together that grease wouldn't pass through them. This process became prohibitively expensive, so normal paper is now coated with a chemical to make it grease repellent.

It is more transparent and thinner than waxed or parchment paper, so that it can be used as tracing paper.

It is available mostly in the UK and Australia. If you see a recipe calling for it and you're in North America, just use parchment or waxed paper.

Cooking Tips

Used for wrapping lunches, meats, lining baking tins, covering jam pots, separating food before freezing, etc.


Parchment paper; waxed paper.

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Also called:

Papier sulfurisé (French); Papel encerado, Papel parafinado (Spanish)


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