Food Calendar

What's happening when and where in the world of food.
Photo taken by Denzil Green
  • food day icon21 April -- Easter Monday
    The date for Easter Monday varies wildly every year. It is the Monday immediately after Easter Sunday.
  • food day icon21 April -- Hare Pie Day
    Hare Pie Day takes place in Hallaton, Leicestershire on Easter Monday. It appears to have started in 1770.
  • food day icon22 April -- Easter Tuesday
    Easter Tuesday is the day after Easter Monday. In Kraków, Poland it is called Rekawka (meaning "Sleeve" in English), though no one has any idea why it's called that.
  • food day icon22 April -- Jelly Bean Day
    The 22nd of April is Jelly Bean Day. The question in most people's minds is, though, is why on earth is it so close to Easter? Who needs any more sugar at this time of year? Maybe it's a reminder to include Jelly Beans in your Easter Candy -- but it's already the biggest selling time of the year for jelly beans as it is.
  • food day icon23 April -- Bavarian Beer Purity Law Day
    The Bavarian Beer Purity Law is a law that governs what ingredients can be used for beer made in Germany. Many alcohol aficionados, particularly beer enthusiasts, will know about this already.
  • food day icon23 April -- Peppercorn Ceremony
    The Peppercorn Ceremony is held in St George, Bermuda on the Wednesday nearest St George's Day, 23rd April. The ceremony, full of pomp and circumstance, is held in King's Square in front of the limestone-block State House, starting around 11 in the morning.