Food Calendar

What's happening when and where in the world of food.
Photo taken by Denzil Green
  • food day icon22 August -- St Philibert's Day
    In Kent, England, Hazelnuts (aka Filberts) are called "Cobb Nuts" or "Cobnuts." Today, 22nd August, is the day when the Hazelnut harvest starts in Kent, as growers race to beat the squirrels to the nuts. .
  • food day icon23 August -- Fannie Merrit Farmer School
    Fannie Merrit Farmer (1857–1915) managed the Boston Cooking School from 1891 to 1902. She then opened her own school, the Miss Farmer's School of Cookery.
  • food day icon23 August -- Sponge Cake Day
    What's a Sponge Cake? Is it the same as an Angel Food Cake, a Genoise or a Foam Cake? And what makes it spongey, anyway? You don't have to make one today, you can treat yourself to one from a bakery, whether a stand-alone bakery or an in-store bakery. .
  • food day icon24 August -- St Bartholomew Day
    Saint Bartholomew's Day is traditionally celebrated by eating watermelon. .
  • food day icon25 August -- Banana Split Day
    Go on, treat yourself today. After all, how many times do you have a banana split? Even when they started out, at 10 cents each, they were still considered an expensive treat, and they still are now.
  • food day icon27 August -- Pots de Crème Day
    Good heavens, is that that time of year again already? National Pots de Crème Day! If time has flown so fast that it's caught you off guard again, at least you can read about them today. .