Food Calendar

What's happening when and where in the world of food.
Photo taken by Denzil Green
  • food day icon24 September -- Cherries Jubilee Day
    Who really invented Cherries Jubilee, and when? Today you read all about it right here, and decide what you believe. .
  • food day icon24 September -- Rosh Hashana
    Rosh Hashana is the start of the New Year in the Jewish calendar, a period of holidays that ends 10 days later with Yom Kippur. The day is a festive holiday; a day of no work, except for cooking, carrying or making fire.
  • food day icon26 September -- Johnny Appleseed Day
    Johnny Appleseed was a nursery grower who is credited with doing more than anyone else to spread apple trees throughout America. Myth has him walking barefoot and planting apple seeds -- but that wouldn't have done any good, as apple trees don't grow true to seed.
  • food day icon28 September -- Strawberry Cream Pie Day
    There are many different types of Strawberry Cream Pie. Some types use custard, some cream cheese, some use a version of whipped cream as the filling.
  • food day icon29 September -- Devil Spits Day
    On the night of the 29th of September, the Devil is said to spit on Blackberries. Some versions of the tale say it's because when he was kicked out of heaven, he landed in a prickly patch of blackberries.
  • food day icon29 September -- Michaelmas Day
    The 29th of September is the feast of St Michael the archangel, who, among other things, is the patron saint of grocers. It is also called the Feast of St.