Food Calendar

What's happening when and where in the world of food.
Photo taken by Denzil Green
  • food day icon24 October -- Baloney Day
    Woohoo, it's Baloney Day at the trailer park and in the county jail! In some American towns, the highlight of the year is Baloney Day. A Baloney Day is held the first weekend of every September in Lebanon, Pennsylvania.
  • food day icon25 October -- Greasy Foods Day
    French Fries, Potato Pancakes, Hamburgers, Fish and Chips..... we're all being told over and over not to eat them, and the reason why we have to be told over and over is that we love them so much.
  • food day icon28 October -- Wild Foods Day
    This is a day on which all kinds of clever people can make their "stalking the wild asparagus" jokes. Some wild life parks who observe Wild Foods Day will observe it sometime around 28th October, either a bit before or after depending on when they can hit a Saturday or Sunday so that people can participate -- they aim for the last Saturday in October.
  • food day icon31 October -- Hallowe'en
    The 31st of October is the day when the veil between this world and other worlds is thought to be thin. Oblivious to this, children dress in costumes and go door to door for candy.
  • food day icon31 October -- Samhain
    Samhain celebrations start on the evening of the 31st of October. Samhain marks the end of the summer and is the last harvest celebration.
  • food day icon31 October -- St Thomas Bellacci
    Thomas Bellacci (1370 to 1447 AD) the patron saint of butchers, was a butcher's son. He was born in Florence, of parents who came from Castello di Linari in Val d'Elsa.