Food Calendar

What's happening when and where in the world of food.
Photo taken by Denzil Green
  • food day icon1 November -- All Saint's Day
    In Corsica, on All Saints Day, people place milk and chestnuts (of the châtaigne type) on window sills for the visiting dead to eat.
  • food day icon1 November -- Día de los Muertos Day 1
    This is All Saints Day in Mexico, the first of two days to honour the dead. This first day focusses on dead children and babies.
  • food day icon1 November -- Vinegar Day
    A day to celebrate an ingredient that we all take for granted -- vinegar! The 1st of November appears to have the most recognition and backing as being Vinegar Day, though there are renegade groups backing the 16th and 20th of August. .
  • food day icon2 November -- All Soul's Day
    All Soul's Day was started in the 900s by the Church, being designated as the day on which you can help those in purgatory with your prayers. It came to be in people's minds the day when the dead could visit the living.
  • food day icon2 November -- Devilled Egg Day
    With the distraction of Hallowe'en at the end of October, it's easy to overlook how quickly the truly big day creeps up on you: that's right, Devilled Egg Day, on the 2nd of November each year. Don't feel badly; it catches so many people unprepared for it.
  • food day icon2 November -- Día de los Muertos Day 2
    This is All Souls Day in Mexico, the second day of Día de los Muertos. While the first day focussed on the spirits of dead children and babies, this day focusses on dead adults who may have returned to visit.